May 2018 – Training Log

Good things come to those who wait…


Since moving to Nottingham to train within the most professional environment in the country my methods, techniques have been broken down and not even refined but completely rebuilt and continue being rebuilt as we speak. To build a taller tower first you need a solid foundation, a wide base and whist everyone else is worrying about going fast now I’m worrying about going fast when it matters.




My training at this moment in time is focusing on being strong in the stroke, A) because simply the stronger I am the more force I will be able to apply, and B) I will be able to apply the same force with greater control therefore resulting in greater running speed of the boat.

Currently I am one week into the new plan and I am struggling to think of a muscle that isn’t screaming out in pain every time I move, it has been a heck of a week and I am now already looking forward to my half day on Thursday and I haven’t even started the new week of training.





Only 3 more weeks of this before it ramps up again into a block of strength work where I will be working at minimum 85% of my 1 rep max lowering the reps to a 3-5 rep range thus increasing the intensity. At this point it will be even more crucial to keep up my robustness work and stretching to prevent injury.

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  • Well done Miki, keep up the hard work, you are an inspiration to many people. Keep it going….

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