June 2018 – Training Log


With the main focus for this current block of training still being the development and application of power, what you can see in these 2 videos is pretty much the staple of my on-water training diet. These sessions consist of doing 100m pieces at a slow stroke ate however with high technical efficiency and high force exertion. In each session we cover between 10-15 of these pieces depending on the particular area we are trying to target that day.




Here I am in the black and white boat closest to the bank with the red top, my coach can be heard shouting about spearing some fish? However comical this may sound it actually refers to a very important part of the stroke where the blade enters the water, it is crucial for this to be smooth and clean as a rough entry will cause the rest of the stroke to be compromised thus slowing me down.




Heavy lifting, most of my gym sessions at the moment consist of 2 heavy compound lifts for example a bench press and a deadlift followed by 4 ancillary exercises that support those 2 key lifts an then another 2 exercises to target the core alternating between vertical plane exercises like leg raises and sit ups and rotational exercises like wipers or v sits with rotation.






Here I am sporting the new team GB racing kit for the next few years, with the recent re branding we switched to having our kit provided by Errea rather than Adidas L  and so our racing kit had also been re designed from a very white dominant to a very blue design.








Thank you to all of my sponsors and those who have supported me along the journey to this point and thank you in advance for the continued support as I get stronger and faster until I will stand at the top of the Olympic podium and make you all proud investors!!!

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