February 2018 – Training Log




With the snow leaving us stranded in the gym, after exhausting every single muscle group we turned to gymnastics to keep ourselves occupied. Out of front levers, hand stands this is what I managed to pull of most successfully, after a few attempts I got the hang of getting up into the position and holding it for a few seconds








As I’m approaching the end of my block of Training we are hitting some very low rep numbers with a very heavy weight, for example In this picture I hit 5 reps at 126kg which increased to 140kg for a single rep max test.




Another of our main exercises, the dumbbell row very similar to this one just in a bent over position rather than prone saw me hit an all tine personal best of 90kg, my aim is to be able to do the same with the 100kg dumbbell, the heaviest we have.





Despite all the miserable weather February threw at us it also blessed us with some spectacularly flat, windless conditions which are my absolute favourite. Here we are working on applying power with lots of control at a lower stroke rate than normal, in a race our arms go around 3 times as fast as they do in this picture





In order to try and hit my extreme macronutrient intake I’ve regularly been drinking these 20 raw egg shakes with around 1500 calories and a  horrible after taste.




Total Distance paddled 278.45km
Calories Consumed 135,211
Hours spent on water 51.23 hours
Daily calorie intake 5089cal
Total session no. 106