About Me

My name is Miki Marciniak and I was born in Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland in February 1999. I came to the UK in August 2005 with my mother to hopefully give me the chance for better opportunities in life. We moved to Guildford to live with my Step Father in February 2007, My step father who used to Kayak when he was younger suggested I started kayaking in August 2010. I was not very keen for the first few months then realised I had a talent for this sport. Wey Kayak Club is approx. 5mins from our home so was ideal as I could get there and back without relying on my parents all the time. Over the past 10 years in the UK, I have achieved a great deal and have been encouraged and pushed by my parents to succeed. As you can see from the long list of achievements on this website. In July 2015 I became National Champion U16 K1 Sprint in the following races 1000m and 500m. From my performance over the past year I have been selected for the September Olympic Hopes Regatta in Poland.   

My main dream is to compete in the 2020 Olympics which is why I train approx. 18 times each week with about 30 Hours on the water and 20 Hours in the gym.  
Nelo in my opinion is the best brand of kayaks available, anyone who tries to challenge that will have a hard time proving it wrong. A Nelo kayak has an air of quality to it, every time I paddle in one it has a feeling of excellence and perfection. This is the same feeling you have when you have when you buy something new and use it, but this feeling is there every time I paddle my Nelo kayak.

Nelo kayaks are not only well made but perform well, helping win 25 Olympic medals at the 2012 Olympic games. Since nearly all of Nelo’s employees are paddlers themselves they work tirelessly to give us the same boat they would like to have themselves.